Indigenous practices are at the center of our community programming.  We learn from the past seven generations as we strive to strengthen the next seven generations moving forward. 

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Community Projects

We focus on (re)claiming our Indigenous heritages and enjoy celebrating our diverse cultures through a variety of events and social gatherings.  Whether your roots are African, Asian, European, Native or Latin American, everyone is welcome to join the circle when they come with a good heart.

  • Art Shows + Workshops

  • Healing + Identity Circles

  • Performances + Presentations

  • Dance Practice + Regalia Making

  • Guest Speakers... and much more

Strengthening Ourselves and Others

Respect and reciprocity are key pillars that support our community building, which includes solid planning, communication, and a commitment to show up for others.

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We love to support the arts and artists!  Our funding goes directly to youth-oriented arts projects, individual artists, and the operational expenses of the Indigenous Arts Facilities (IAF) located at Nuwu Art in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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We educate ourselves and our children about who we are and where we come from, including our struggles and great triumphs throughout history.   We learn from each other and share the richness of our diverse cultures with all.

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We create safe spaces for people in our communities to gather, talk, offer support and heal, as we work through the historical traumas of colonization and its ongoing legacies today.

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We host public markets with local vendors who sell their arts and crafts. We encourage entrepreneurship and provide a space that supports people keeping money in the community.